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Hypermiler Drives Vauxhall Insignia 1,311 Miles on One Tank

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Felix Egolf

Vauxhall now has a real-world demonstration of the superior fuel efficiency of the Insignia. Hypermiler Felix Egolf drove a 1.6 CDTi “Whisper Diesel” 136PS (134 horsepower) ecoFLEX manual with Start/Stop on the long trek from the Alps to the North Sea and back, all on a single tank of gas. That trek: 1,311 miles.

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Egolf took off from Lucerne, Switzerland on April 6th and headed to Opel/Vauxhall global HQ in Rüsselsheim, then to Münster in North-West Germany, then to Cuxhaven on the coast of the North Sea. On the way back, Egolf passed Hanover, Krassel, and St. Gallen before wrapping up in Zurich on April 8th.

While at Vauxhall HQ, Egolf spoke with Christian Müller, Vice President GM Global Propulsion Systems, Europe.

“The fuel gauge in the Insignia showed that the tank was still almost full when Felix Egolf arrived in Rüsselsheim,” said Müller. “He managed to complete the first 266 miles with an average consumption of about 88 mpg. It’s great that he managed to cover over 1,300-miles without having to refuel.”

In the end, Egolf averaged more than 82 miles per gallon, well above the 72.3-74.3 mpg fuel economy listed for the Vauxhall Insignia.

“I have wanted to crack the 2,000-kilometre milestone for some time now but I couldn’t find the car to do it. The excellent aerodynamics of the Insignia combined with the Eco Contact 5 low-rolling resistance tyres contributed to this outstanding result,” said Felix Egolf. “This hypermiling tour with the Insignia also shows that anybody can easily equal or better official consumption figures by using foresight when driving and pre-empting the situation ahead.”

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