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Hyundai Adds Steelers & Vikings to Growing Roster of NFL Sponsorships

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Hyundai NFL sponsorship of Vikings  Steelers

Hyundai loves football and the sport’s fans. If you haven’t learned that by now, you probably are oblivious to the brand’s sponsorship of the NFL, college football, and all the commercials it’s run during televised games.

If Hyundai’s dominance over professional football as its official automotive sponsor isn’t enough to grab fans’ (i.e. potential customers) attention, the automaker now has two more NFL teams by the balls: the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Hyundai’s announcement of deals with two more NFL teams come as little surprise. The brand has been gaining brand recognition momentum after knocking GM from its place as official NFL sponsor. Hyundai already has sponsorship rights with the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans, so it’s likely we’ll see the Steelers and/or Vikings in upcoming commercials too (possibly even Hyundai’s announced Super Bowl ad).

“Hyundai is not only connecting with football fans at a national level, but in the community where fans really show their passion,” said Trea Reedy, senior group manager of experiential marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Both Minnesota and Pittsburgh have dedicated and loyal fan bases and by partnering with them we are able to strengthen our footprints in those markets and drive traffic to our dealers.”

The automaker will have its vehicles on display at home games, co-branded merchandise available, local Hyundai advertisements increased, logo branding at each team’s stadium, and naming rights to club sections. If you’re from Pittsburgh or Minnesota, be prepared to see a lot more Hyundai.

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