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Hyundai Aslan Luxury Sedan to Run Wild in Korea

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Hyundai Aslan

Everyone, at some point, has made the analogy that their car’s engines “roars” or that it still “purrs like a kitten.” Hyundai Motor has now taken that feline comparison one step further in the naming of its newest international premium vehicle.

Brace yourself for the Hyundai Aslan luxury sedan.


Hyundai Aslan Luxury Sedan

South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai has been “on the prowl” for a number of years. Having struggled to retain their homeland customers to a number of other imported premium brands, like BMW, the company’s “mane” intent is to halt the flow of such imports on their  Korean turf.

The Aslan, which means “lion” in Turkish, is Hyundai’s latest attempt at that luxury sedan segment.

The model had already been revealed to the public at the Busan International Motor Show back in May, when it was code-named “AG.”  As one would expect, the body exudes Hyundai’s much-touted Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design, based on the smooth movements of water. Based upon Hyundai’s statements concerning the Aslan, they take a lot of “pride” in it.

Hyundai boasts that the model’s muscular figure exudes strength, valor, and composure, and they ain’t “lion.”

“Equipped with a luxurious and prestigious exterior, comfortable driving, and the best of class quietness, Aslan has a similar image of a lion, which maintains composure looking down the savanna but turns into a beast when hunting prey,” described Hyundai representatives.

The front-wheel drive vehicle’s premium features en”tail” a noise-reducing interior that will soften the “roar” of the Aslan’s engine.

We’re sure that’s what C.S. Lewis had in mind when he used the same name for the God-like figure in The Chronicles of Narnia. Nothing says “Korean sedan” like a thinly-veiled religious metaphor strutting around as a mythical creature. Next we’ll be seeing the Toyota Terminator and the Honda Hulk, won’t we?

Hyundai Aslan luxury sedan: Narnia

“Great–another Korean caaaaaaaaaar!!! At least I’m not a Kia.” Photo: Walt Disney Pictures via YouTube

Hyundai May Be “Stalking” Its Own Customers

Although Hyundai hopes that the Aslan will be a “golden” opportunity to strengthen market position, many are concerned that the newest mid-class model between Grandeur and Genesis will actually “poach” existing Hyundai customers from their other models.

If you think that the Aslan resembles many of their other premium sedans, join the “cub.”

Overall, the model resembles other family sedans released by the company, which might result in a “self-erosion” of their current niche. That’s the problem the brand had with Marsha, their mid-class sedan which didn’t distinguish itself enough from other models to attract new customers.

The Hyundai Aslan luxury sedan will be launched in Korea by the end of 2014. Let’s “prey” that Hyundai’s newest  venture will fare better than their previous ones. Otherwise, the Aslan may be “fed to the lions.”

Bonus Round: How many lion-themed puns can you find in this article?

Source: Daily Sabah