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Hyundai #ChangeIsGood Campaign Advertises Tucson with Runners, Chefs, Singers

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The Hyundai Tucson compact SUV recently underwent a name and image makeover–taking on new interior space and evolving from the ix35 moniker in Europe.

In order to win people over to the idea of a “changed” Tucson, Hyundai Europe has been running the “Change Is Good” challenge via the brand’s Tumblr page. Using the Tucson as an ambassador for change, Hyundai’s European arm has hand-picked video bloggers to take the brand’s challenge and find ways to get out of their comfort zones.

Five blogging celebrities from Europe have taken Hyundai‘s challenge, some of them multiple times: Hervé Cuisine, Sistiana, Storror, LuzuVlogs, and Nilz Bokelberg. All but Bokelberg’s videos have been posted thus far, and you can learn about them below.

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Change Stage: Sistiana Sings in the Elevator

change is good Hyundai Europe Tuscon video  Sistiana

Sistiana in an elevator
Photo: Sistiana via YouTube

This talented Italian singer named Sistiana–known for her many music videos, talk show episodes, and travel diaries–takes the challenge to play an acoustic guitar and sing in an elevator. Not only was this stunt outside Sistiana’s comfort zone, as she explains in her video, it puts many spectators (elevator riders) out of their comfort zone.

Change Gear / Change Time: Storror Trains in the Dark and the Rain

change is good Hyundai Europe Tuscon video  Storror rain

Storror in the rain
Photo: Hyundai Motor Europe via YouTube

Successful UK Parkour team Storror, made up of eight renegade freerunners, puts their safety at risk to prove change is good. They fearlessly put their athletic skills to the test, leaping and bounding through the streets–once in the dark and another time in the rain.

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Change Roles / Change Kitchen: Hervé Cuisine Cooks Blindfolded and Outdoors

change is good Hyundai Europe Tuscon video  Herve Cuisine

Hervé Cuisine in the kitchen
Photo: Hyundai Motor Europe via YouTube

French YouTube chef Hervé–of Hervé Cuisine–is known for his hundreds of online recipe videos. But what happens if you take a chef out of the kitchen to cook a meal? Or blindfold him and have him give guide someone through cooking a dish who’s terrible at cooking? Those are the lengths Hervé will go to prove change is good.

Change Comfort Zone: LuzuVlogs Answers Questions in Public

change is good Hyundai Europe Tuscon video LuzuVlogs

LuzuVlogs in public
Photo: LuzuVlogsvia YouTube

Despite moving from Spain to California, Luzu retains his heritage through his many LuzuVlogs on his channel (plus another channel about his partner and another about video games). Taking the Hyundai Tucson challenge, he openly answers questions sent to him by his Twitter followers–answers them…outdoors in the middle of a crowd!

To check out each episodes in its entirety, or to learn more about #ChangeIsGood, visit the official campaign site.