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Diligent Hyundai ix35 FCV Travels 1,400 Miles in Single 24-Hour Trip

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Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell travels record-breaking European Trip

Arnt-Gøran Hartvig and Marius Bornstein and their zero-emission Hyundai ix35

The future has no limits–and neither does eco-friendly driving.

That’s what Hyundai tried to prove as it sent two Norwegian scientists (Arnt-Gøran Hartvig and Marius Bornstein) on a 24-hour trip through the public roads of Germany. In order to show the zero-emissions potential of the brand’s ix35 (also known as the Tucson, which recently underwent a redesign and name-change) the scientists drove non-stop in the electric fuel cell SUV. The route went from a refueling station in Hamburg to another in Berlin, filling up at each.

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ix35 Fuel Cell’s European Trip Leaves Behind Only Water Vapor

The total distance achieved by Hartvig and Bornstein–who captured their entire trip on GoPro cameras–was 2,383 kilometres (1,480 miles). The feat was accomplished using the ix35’s 100 kW electric engine capable of around 370 miles on a single tank.

“This endurance drive highlights both the practicality of our fuel cell electric vehicle’s long driving range and the environmental credentials of our technology,” commented Thomas A. Schmid, Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe. “Our Fuel Cell programme has already delivered many world firsts, so it is fitting that the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has once again delivered a new benchmark.”

The duo chose the ix35 Fuel Cell– the first mass-produced FCV available commercially–for a number of other past challenges, including travelling a record 700 kilometres on one tank of hydrogen.

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