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Hyundai Korea Releases Glimpse of Upcoming Redesigned Elantra (Avante)

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Hyundai Korea Elantra Avante preview video

We’ve all been dying for a look at the redesigned 2017 Hyundai Elantra (also known as the Avante in its home country of South Korea). Knowing that its fans would be itching for a glimpse of the revamped model through unflattering, unauthorized spy shots, Hyundai Korea took the initiative to reveal footage of the next-gen sedan…carefully obscured footage.

In three 30-second spots uploaded to Hyundai’s Korean YouTube channel (현대자동차(AboutHyundai)), we see safety and road testing of a camouflaged car via black-and-white video. It’s intriguing, but certainly not clear enough to see what the new fascia will look like.

Being called “free viral advertising images,” these videos are being encouraged by the brand to be shared via social media and other outlets to promote excitement about the Elantra/Avante’s upcoming reveal at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November (though it won’t be surprising if the curtain gets pulled in Korea earlier). The brand has already released a sketch of the model’s new design.

Check out the three videos below.

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Three Videos Teasing the Revamped Avante/Elantra

The first spot emphasizes the safety of the car through close-up footage of its front-end crash test. Through we don’t know what’s being said in Korean over the slow-motion footage of the front end tearing apart, we do know this looks like an improvement in safety for the Avante.

Another black-and-white video shows the Elantra/Avante conquering test roads, frigid weather simulators, tight maneuverability challenges, and the same crash test depicted above. The spot continues to use the Korean slogan for the new model “Super Normal.”

The final 30-second footage shows the crash from inside the cabin rather than outside, showing the crash test dummy landing on the front air bag. Much of the video is spent focusing on the dummies waiting for the test, building the suspense of the impact to come.

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Gallery of Images from the Hyundai Avante/Elantra Preview Videos:

Hyundai Korea Elantra Avante preview video