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Hyundai Reveals Video Footage of i30N, the First Model in New Performance Line

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Hyundai i30 N hatchback car reveal footage

The Hyundai Motor Co. has been working diligently in the past couple years to expand its appeal and find ways to reinvent its image. In addition to launching a luxury sub-brand and adding a brand-new “outdoorsy” model to its lineup, Hyundai is building its performance persona with the launch of its upcoming performance line. Simply titled N, Hyundai’s new “High Performance Lineup” will add pep to Hyundai’s step–and its trackworthy image.

In the way that BMW offers M versions of some of its models, Hyundai will be offering N-badged versions of some of its global models. The first model to receive an N-line makeover is the i30, which Hyundai has released new video footage of to get us excited.

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[VIDEO] Watch the Launch of Hyundai’s N Performance Line & the i30N

The new minute-long video from Hyundai shows the i30N in action on the track and in the studio. The vivid blue hatchback is seen and heard at high speeds, with performance footage interspersed with footage of the i30N TCR racing in the Touring championships. The i30 N features a powerful 2.0-liter Turbo-GDi engine and finely-tuned output capability.

Early test drive reviews of the i30N are positive, praising the hot hatch for its suspension, engine, handling, and gearbox. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see this work of art in the United States, as Hyundai doesn’t have current plans to release the i30N as an available variant of the Elantra GT in the USA.

Hopefully the i30N stirs up enough excitement and support overseas that we’ll eventually see the N line make its way to our shores in some capacity.

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