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Hyundai Seeks Uber Drivers with Potential New Incentives

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New York Auto Show Hyundai presentation IONIQ plug in hybrid grey

Hyundai is looking to offer incentives for Hyundai Ioniq

It’s well known that Toyota has offered incentives on the Prius to customers who drive for Uber, and it looks like Hyundai will follow in its competitor’s footsteps in Europe. The South Korean carmaker is currently looking to start a similar program that will offer Uber drivers incentives on the Ioniq sedan.

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This program hasn’t become reality just yet, as it has to still go through a variety of legal hoops to set it up with Uber. “We have certainly been looking into it,” said Ki Sang Lee, Hyundai’s eco-car head. “The trouble is that Europe is such a complicated mix of different legislations, so it takes time to assess each and come up with a plan.”

Once Hyundai gets its legalities together, though, the Ioniq might give the Prius a run for its money. Unlike the Toyota Prius, the Ioniq is offered as a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a pure electric model. It’s the latter that will surely outshine the Prius hybrid when it comes to being a great taxi in a city.

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If Hyundai does work out a way to give Uber drivers incentives on its vehicle, it is also looking to convince European cities to boost its EV charging infrastructure. As Ki Sang Lee stated, “We’d like to say we could provide all the finance ourselves, but it is of course too expensive. However, if cities were to, say, go in 50/50 with us to provide better fast charging, then it could work.”

It will be interesting to see if Hyundai’s plan to convince Europe to go halfsies on fast-charging stations will actually work.

News Source: Motor Trend