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Why Is Hyundai Sponsoring Carrie Underwood’s Greatest Hits Debut?

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Carrie Underwood's Greatest Hits

Hyundai’s building ties with Carrie Underwood
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It’s been nearly ten years since Carrie Underwood won the fourth season of American Idol, and after putting her heart and soul (more or less) into NBC’s The Sound of Music, the country music artist decided to return the world’s focus back to her successful music.

While only four studio albums aren’t much to scrape together a comprehensive “best of” album from, having over a dozen singles hit number one on the Billboard country music chart, any song by Carrie Underwood is arguably a greatest hit.

Thus, iHeartMedia is staging an exclusive album release party for Carrie Underwood’s Greatest Hits: Decade #1 on December 9th. While the exclusive event at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City isn’t surprising, Hyundai’s presence as a headlining sponsor certainly is.

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Can Hyundai Fit Into the Southern Image Touted by Carrie Underwood’s Greatest Hits?

When you think of the down-home, American image invoked by country music, you probably associate it with automotive brands like Cadillac (like in Carrie Underwood’s famous song) or Chevy or even Ford. It’s doubtful a Korean brand known for compact sedans would fit the stereotype.

Despite Underwood’s reputation tied to brands like Cadillac, Hyundai is taking a chance at broadening its image by appealing to fans of country music. The automaker even used the Sonata as a figurehead to give away tickets to attend the greatest hits party through a national contest.

At the event, radio personality Bobby Bones will host an hour-long show for Carrie Underwood’s new album on Tuesday December 9th. If you can’t attend the event, you can listen to it broadcast on over 115 iHeartMedia country radio stations across the country that night or at That way you won’t miss the live interviews and music performances, including Underwood’s latest hit, “Something in the Water.”

What do you think? Can Hyundai break into the exclusive club of the southern music image, or is that possibility already “blown away”?

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