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Hyundai Thinks Transforming Cars Should Be A Reality

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Could Optimus Prime actually appear on our planet?
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How would you like a vehicle that could change between a truck and a sedan whenever you wanted to switch it up? You probably never thought of that before but, now that we’ve mentioned it, you’re begging for that to become a reality. Visions of Optimus Prime dancing in your head?

Rest assured that Hyundai Motors is already in the research and development stage to determine if “transformer-like” vehicles are a possibility. If the Korean automaker decides it’s in the future of the automotive industry, you could be seeing transforming cars being tested in the future.

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We Might See Transforming Cars in Our Future, No Thanks to Michael Bay

No, the idea isn’t coming from Hollywood special effects crews.

At this year’s R&D IDEA Festival at Hyundai’s Namyang Center near Seoul, the automaker publicized that it has two big experiments being pursued by its engineers. The first is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles which can be used as drones to scout out dangerous territory. While that concept is probably helpful from a military and global safety standpoint, it won’t affect most of us living in suburban America.

That’s why we’re more interested in Hyundai’s other hobby: transforming cars. The brand wants to determine if it’s possible to build a simple sedan that can be regularly changed into an SUV or light truck. The concept being tested is a three-in-one “Hyundai Carmeleon” that means to eliminate the need for different types of cars.

Hyundai Car-Meleon

According to The Korea Herald, “Hyundai said that its engineers checked on a “space former” concept where the sides of cars can be lifted upwards, making it possible for the seats to swivel or even be removed altogether, which can maximize internal space.”

If Hyundai determines a transforming car is possible, and worth pursuing financially, we could see a whole new realm of potential vehicles. Want a sensible hybrid sedan that becomes a stylish sports car? Or a hatchback that can expand into a mini mini-van?

Though, let’s be honest. What we’re really interested in is when Hyundai will start taking hints from Transformers: Beast Wars and have the Elantra morph into a golden retriever. Now that’s a real transforming car!

Transforming cars hyundai transformers beast wars

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