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[VIDEO] Hyundai Xcent’s Newest Spokesperson Revealed: SRK

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Hyundai Xcent Spokesperson SRK India 1

Shah Rukh Khan’s newest commercial for the Hyundai Xcent.
Photo: Hyundai India

Hyundai Motor India has already received attention this year with the impressive and critically-acclaimed debut of the Elite i20. Now, Hyundai India is ready to make a splash with another one of its compact cars: the Hyundai Xcent.

While Hyundai America has been busy hyping its newest spokesperson for the brand, Paul Rudd, its India-based counterpart has been working with a new spokesperson itself for the newest model Hyundai Xcent. Today, it was revealed that India will be seeing more of cinema superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

And, you can see his first highly-entertaining Hyundai Xcent ad here!

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Shah Rukh Khan To Bring Style and Humor to the Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Xcent Spokesperson SRK India 3

Shah Rukh Khan’s newest commercial for the Hyundai Xcent.
Photo: Hyundai India

If you’re familiar with Indian cinema, you’ll recognize Shah Rukh Khan (commonly referred to as SRK) as arguably the biggest star of Bollywood. He’s starred in over 50 Hindi films, been nominated for more Hindi-based acting awards, and is the second-richest actor in the world. So how did Hyundai Indian rope in a star with a $600 million net worth?

Actually, Shah Rukh Khan isn’t a stranger to the Hyundai brand, as he was the spokesperson for the i10 a couple years ago.

The announcement to move SRK to the Xcent was made Wednesday. As brand ambassador, his first target will be the compact sedan Hyundai Xcent. Although the model had already been released earlier this year, a substantial 35,000 units have been sold (approx. how many units Hyundai sells total each month), and because the Xcent has been overshadowed by the i20, Hyundai wanted to inject a jolt of star power in its advertising.

“SRK’s association has enhanced the brand’s reminiscence and propagated our modern premium brand values. And with the transition from i10 to Xcent, the new association connects the family man Shah Rukh Khan with the attributes of real family sedan Xcent,” Hyundai Motor India MD & CEO BS Seo said.

Watch the New Hyundai Xcent Commercial Featuring Shah Rukh Khan (SRK)

Hyundai Xcent Spokesperson SRK India 2

Shah Rukh Khan’s newest commercial for the Hyundai Xcent.
Photo: Hyundai India

We’ve already had the pleasure of seeing Shah Rukh Khan play the role of family man in the new Hyundai Xcent commercial, released by the brand today.

In the commercial, he plays a father who always wants more. He asks for extra cheese on his pizza, extra time from his boss, and extra toppings on his ice cream. His twin sons think his obsession is a laughable joke… that is, until the valet pulls up SRK’s new car: a Hyundai Xcent with “extra space, extra comfort, and extra style.”

It’s a simple but effective commercial that sells itself on whimsical appeal. Honestly, that’s much more enjoyable than SRK’s previous advertisements for the i10 that relied strictly on his sex appeal and fame.

Watch the advertisement here and get a smile out of this family-oriented fun.

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