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Hyundai’s “Life Is Brilliant” Campaign Connects with Indian Families

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Hyundai's Life Is Brilliant Campaign India 5

Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

Hyundai is changing  its marketing strategy by taking its focus off of regions where its growth is rapidly declining (specifically Europe) and fiercely targeting domestic fronts near Korea.

Its latest endeavor, which has already become wildly successful in only two weeks, is aimed at improving the brand’s emotional connection with consumers in India.

Hyundai’s “Life Is Brilliant” campaign, resting heavily on a cute two-minute commercial, has quickly connected with online consumers and continues to spread.

And no, it’s not based on the opening lyric to a James Blunt song.


Sharing the Story of Hyundai’s “Life Is Brilliant” Commercial

Because the video doesn’t contain subtitles, here’s the synopsis of the ad you can watch below.

A seven-year-old boy repeatedly pesters his father because he misses his mother. Growing tired of the interruptions, his father assures his son that his mother has gone across the river to work on a project and will return when finished.

Hyundai's Life Is Brilliant Campaign India 2

Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

While visiting a riverside campground for father-son bonding time, the young boy releases a paper boat into the water bearing the message “Come soon mumma.”

Seeing this, the father has an idea and glances at his Hyundai. In the morning, the boy awakens to the sight of his mother, who tells him she returned home on the boat he sent.

Hyundai's Life Is Brilliant Campaign India 3

Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

What Hyundai Intends to Achieve By Marketing to Families in India

Over the years, Hyundai has slowly and steadily become a trusted household name and second-largest car brand in India. However, the automaker’s aspiration isn’t just to sell cars to make a buck but to actually become India’s “most loved [auto] brand.”

Thus, this new campaign focuses on strengthening the connection with Indian consumers on an emotional level rather than sales-based.

“Our strategy was clearly to avoid an in the face message or chest beating about product strengths. We wanted this campaign to be about real people and the real role of the brand,” stated Vivek Srivastava, Joint MD of Innocean, who conceptualized the ad.

Hyundai’s “Life Is Brilliant” commercial was directed by filmmaker Prakash Varma and produced by Nirvana Films, who teamed up previously to create the smash-hit ZooZoo campaign for Vodafone (which garnered over 10 million Facebook fans).

Zoo Zoo Ad

If you haven’t seen ZooZoo, here’s a small taste
Photo: Vodafone India via YouTube

The collaboration yet again appears to be headed on the road to success. Collecting over four million views on YouTube in two weeks, “Life Is Brilliant” is easily Hyundai’s most successful commercial in India to date.

By appealing to the modern idea of working families who share parenting responsibilities, Hyundai is making an emotional connection that transcends any future bumps in the road for the automaker and its products.

The commercial is being broadcast on television with follow-ups planned in the same thematic campaign. Hyundai India’s Twitter feed is also buzzing with a contest to win a digital camera.

Hyundai's Life Is Brilliant Campaign India 1
Watch the heartfelt commercial for yourself; you won’t have difficulty understanding it regardless of what language it’s in.


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