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Ideas for Throwing a NASCAR or Formula 1 Race Day Party

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Race season is in full swing and no doubt you’ve been glued to the TV on weekends watching each nail-biting NASCAR, IndyCar, or Formula One match. Perhaps you’ve been considering inviting your friends over to watch the race with you. Why not turn your gathering into a fun, memorable party?

If you’re stumped for ideas on how to throw a memorable race day party, here are some simple-to-use ideas for inspiration.

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Tips for Revving Up Your Next Race Day Party

Invitations: If you want to go the extra mile, design and print invitations for your guests. Pattern them after race attendee tickets or pit passes.

Decor: It’s important to establish the theme of the party from the moment guests arrive. Decorate the entryway, hallways, and rooms with checkered flags, banners, orange cones, paper “asphalt” roadways, and large product advertisement banners.

Outfits: Encourage guests to wear the colors of their favorite drivers or hats/T-shirts with their official branding. Set up a photo booth of props, even if it’s involving a selfie stick in front of a hung table cloth.

Food: If the race is taking place somewhere that’s known for iconic cuisine (such as Chicago or Greece), consider making some dishes that reflect the locale. You don’t have to cook anything complicated, though; it’s all about giving your dishes clever names and labeling them. You can stick with the pizza, brats, and finger foods everyone loves but give them racing-themed titles like “Finish Line Fries,” “Spare Tires” (chocolate doughnuts), “Fuel” (punch), or “Dipsticks” (chocolate covered pretzels). A bundt cake frosted like a racetrack or a tire makes the perfect dessert.

Activities: It’s not only kids that enjoy activities at a party. Keep the children occupied with “pin the tire on the race car” or coloring pages while the adults answer trivia questions and play drinking games (take a shot every time there’s a yellow flag). Parents can place bets–or predictions, to save money–on which driver will win.

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