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Important: Justin Bieber Got a 1965 Lincoln Continental for His B-Day

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Oh Boy Justin Bieber Got a Continental

News: entertainer receives coveted object in ceremony

Did you folks need any more reasons to dislike human mayonnaise dollop, Justin Bieber? Well, we’ve got another one just in case you start warming up to the kid anytime soon.

The kid (Bieber) recently celebrated his 21st birthday, meaning he is now the closest approximation to a man that a Justin Bieber could possibly achieve. Heck, he probably even had his first alcoholic beverage ever at that there birthday party he had! What a moment!

As is generally the case with birthday parties—even in the instances where they are held to celebrate a sentient heap of dried out chicken wing bones covered in tattoos and topped with whatever haircut happens to be trendy at the moment—gifts were given. One such gift, bestowed on the Biebs by app developers/pseudo celebs, John and Sammy Shahidi, was a beautifully restored 1965 Lincoln Continental.

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Here is an Instagram post from Bieber, just so you have some visual evidence that this is actually a thing:

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

If you need moving pictures (it is a car, after all), here’s a Vine of the birthday boy driving his new prize:

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So there you have it! Justin Bieber got a really nice classic car, everyone. You can just shut down the Internet for the rest of the week, because it will not get any better than this.

Maybe for his 22nd, someone will get Biebs that 2016 Lincoln Continental that everyone’s talking about (and absolutely doesn’t exist). Either way, he’ll probably just wind up getting arrested or crashing it.