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Independent Drivers Looking to Cash In on Pokémon Go

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Pokemon Go at Lunch

If you thought that the buzz surrounding Pokémon Go would die down anytime soon, we have bad news for you. The hunt for tiny pocket monsters is still going strong, and businesses are taking notice. Several stores are trying to become Pokéstops to attract customers, or at least more foot traffic, and monuments and memorials are asking players firmly to put their phones away while on their hallowed grounds. Besides the existing groups, though, several entrepreneurs have thought ahead and are offering rides in their cars to help users play in comfort.

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That’s right, instead of walking (or running) to catch ‘em all, you could possibly pay a driver to take you around and find the creatures you look for. Advertisements have popped up on sites like Craigslist, and who can blame them? No one should be playing the game while driving, so this makes sure that the driver keeps their eyes on the road while the game is on and it’s good for everyone, right? We hate to rain on the parade, but we’re going to have to give it a solid maybe.

Several of the drivers seem to be offering to take Pokemon Go users to local Pokéstops to stock up on supplies, and then to popular places where the digital creatures can be found. That’s all well and good, and I applaud the drivers for thinking of a great way to hop on a popular trend.

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However, some drivers seem to be offering to drive players around town and stop when they see valuable Pokémon. We’ve talked about this, internet. We’ve even used the same meme. Please do not stop in the middle of a street because of a Pokémon. Suddenly stopping, especially on streets with faster traffic, is a great way to get rear-ended.

Do you want to get rear-ended? Because that's how you get rear-ended.

We realize these posts make us all sound like old fuddy duddies, but we are speaking from a place of care and concern. We want you and your vehicle to live and drive another day, so just be careful out there!

News Source: Gizmodo