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Infiniti Brings an Actual Vision GT to Inaugural Design Night

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Infiniti Vision GT Concept

Back in December, Infiniti revealed its Concept Vision Gran Turismo and made it available for download in Gran Turismo 6. We had hoped that Infiniti would eventually decide to put together an actual build of the Vision GT for the world to behold in the flesh (or steel, or steel-flesh), and at Auto Shanghai 2015, we got our wish at last.

Infiniti rolled out a “flesh and bones” version of the concept for the first-ever Infiniti Design Night, which was held at the Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum. This doesn’t put us anywhere even remotely closer to any kind of production run, but hey, it’s nice to see the effort put forth by the team at Infiniti.

The Vision GT was part of a triumvirate of Infiniti concepts that were rolled out in Shanghai. Other participants in Infiniti Design Night include the Q80 Inspiration and Q60 Concept. The theme of the evening was “Aesthetics of Contrast.”

“The Q80 Inspiration, the Q60 Concept and the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo are all thematically different,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. “Yet the same thread of handcrafted artistry weaves through them, and they all speak with one Infiniti design language.”

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Infiniti Vision GT Concept