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Infiniti “Deja View” Film Premiere Lets Audiences Respond

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Infiniti "Deja View" Film Premiere

“Deja View” featuring the 2014 Infinit Q50

If you were able to interact with characters in a movie, what would you do? Yell at the soon-to-be murder victim to watch behind them? Tell the unlucky-in-love female lead to suck it up? Maybe encourage the underdog to keep pushing through? Last week, Infiniti announced the release of “Deja View,” a film that changes depending on the viewer, adapting based on each viewers spoken interactions with the onscreen characters.

The film, which features the all-new 2014 Infiniti Q50 luxury sports sedan, is a result of a partnership between the carmaker and Campfire, an award-winning branded content company. Through a combination of cinematic narrative and new, innovative technologies like the latest natural language processing system, each and every viewer will have a different immersive experience with “Deja View.”

The story follows a couple driving their Infiniti Q50 with no knowledge of who they are, where they’re going, whom to trust, and who they are running from. Viewers will be able to interact through cell phone conversations with the on screen characters, making their choices for them and helping them navigate through their situation.

Would you like to interact with the film? Check it out here!

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