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Infiniti Donates More than $1 Million Through NCAA Partnerships

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Infiniti donates more than  million to charity

One of Infiniti’s many check presentations through the NCAA

Infiniti is committed to enriching the communities it works in and helping them grow. The automaker has contributed to startup business accelerators, helped support new museums, and funded internship competitions. Its latest accomplishment is contributions of over one million dollars to various charities through its close partnership with the NCAA.

This year, Infiniti’s donations were attributed to the brand’s involvement in the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge, Coaches vs. Cancer, and the Hardwood Heroes game. Each program and event was a public way for the high-profile coaches of the NCAA to offer their support to important causes, and Infiniti was proud to offer the financial means to drive the point home.

In the Infiniti Coaches’ Challenge, several rounds of online voting took place, pitting NCAA coaches against each other in a virtual popularity contest. The winning coach earned $100,000 for their favorite charity, and Infiniti also made donations to other charities through the program. This year’s winner was Coach John Beilein from the University of Michigan, and his charity of choice was the ChadTough Foundation that helps raise awareness and fund research into Pediatric Brain Tumors and Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

The Coaches vs. Cancer program was established by the NCAA, National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), and the American Cancer Society, with Infiniti taking the place as the program’s largest corporate donor. Coaches vs. Cancer raises money for cancer research and strives to bring awareness of the many different types of cancer during the high-profile March Madness season. The Hardwood Heroes game wraps up the campaign, pitting two teams of cancer survivors, led by two NCAA coaches, in a friendly game of basketball in the NCAA Final Four stadium.

It has recently been announced that Infiniti as renewed its corporate sponsorship with the NCAA for the next five years, so we can expect to see even more charitable giving through this partnership for many years to come.