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Infiniti March Sales Dominated by Q70 Sedan

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March was a fairly unremarkable month for Infiniti as far as overall sales went. The luxury automaker moved 12,525 vehicles in the US in March of this year, compared to 12,494 vehicles in March 2014 for a total increase of 0.2%. But there’s one thing that stands out in the overall sales figures, and that’s the incredible rise of the Q70 sedan.

Infiniti March sales

The 2015 Infiniti Q70

In fact, March Q70 sales rose a whopping 67.6% over March 2014. Infiniti shifted 1,083 of the luxury sedans last month, compared to a paltry 646 the previous March. Infiniti also saw a 14.1% increase in sales of the QX80 crossover when compared with the numbers of the previous March. Most other Infiniti models sold fewer units this March than last, with the Q40 dropping 13.9% and the Q60 dropping 38%. But the gains made by a few models helped Infiniti’s sales stay pretty much on par year-over-year.

Infiniti March sales

2015 Infiniti QX80

Despite having a so-so month in March, Infiniti sales for 2015 are up 8.4% thanks to a 7.3% increase in sales in January, and a 19.8% increase in sales for February. That adds up to a successful first quarter—and if Infiniti can get the momentum going again in April and the coming months, 2015 could end on an extremely positive note.