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Infiniti Offers Engineering Students Chance to Work with F1 Team

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Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy

It’s every engineering student’s dream—to score an incredible opportunity with a world-class Formula 1 team. And now, for the second year in a row, Infiniti is offering engineering students from across the world the chance to do just that via the 2015 Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy.

“Last year’s pilot program uncovered three outstanding candidates from around the world, including two from the United States,” remarked Allyson Witherspoon, director of Marketing Communications and Media, Infiniti USA. “In an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into, this is an unprecedented chance for talented young engineers.”

Infiniti offers top engineering students the motorsport career o

This year, the Academy offers roles for five students in areas such as aerodynamics, vehicle design, vehicle dynamics, and electronics. Applicants will be considered by Infiniti, culminating in a series of regional finals designed to find the best students for the positions. The five roles will be filled by students from the United States, Europe, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Once the winners have been determined, they will be rewarded with 12-month internships that are split between Infiniti Red Bull Racing and the European Technical Center, both of which are located in the UK. The internships will be accompanied by full salaries.

To apply, each candidate must submit his or her resume, as well as a video that answers the question, “Why do I deserve this opportunity?” Once through the first stage, applicants will have Skype interviews, followed by in-depth profile analyses by senior management at both Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing. These executives will pick 10 finalists from each region to go onto the finals, which will involve them completing various engineering and teamwork tasks, concluding with one winner from each region.

Infiniti offers top engineering students the motorsport career o

“We’re looking for engineers who are technically very strong, but they need to excel in other areas too,” commented Adrian Newey, chief technical officer, Infiniti Red Bull Racing. “Whether you’re designing and building road cars or working in Formula One, the ability to think laterally, creatively and operate seamlessly within a team are crucial. It will be tough and they will be expected to work, but the rewards are high.”

To learn more about the contest, head to the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy’s website, where you can also fill out an application form. Best of luck to everyone who enters!