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Infiniti Opens Applications for 2016 Infiniti Engineering Academy

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Infiniti offers top engineering students the motorsport career o

When you’re studying for a degree, the right school can make all the difference when you eventually graduate. Engineering students who have an interest in cars and are looking for a big advantage in the job market should consider applying for the Infiniti Engineering Academy.

Applications for the highly-competitive global internship are being accepted now from seven distinct regions: China (Region 1), Europe (including Russia) (Region 2), United Arab Emirates (Region 3), Asia and Oceania (including Singapore, South Korea, Australia and Hong Kong (Region 4), Mexico (Region 5), Canada (Region 6), and the United States (Region 7).

Winners of the coveted internship will spend time with Infiniti Motor Company, analyzing and learning about the design and tooling that goes into consumer cars. They will also work with the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The experiences will focus on areas such as aerodynamics, electronics, composite design, and mechanical design. The students will also get to work with hybrid technology in their time with Infiniti.

According to Infiniti, this internship opportunity is considered the technical recruitment initiative in Formula One, and it has launched the careers of two American winners, Alex Allmandinger and Eric LaRoche. Allmandinger has recently begun his work with the Formula One team, and said that so far the experience has helped him grow as a person and an engineer. “I’ve learned quite a lot technically as well as personally. Moving to the UK and working within a different environment has been a great experience. I’ve had the chance to travel and work throughout Europe as well. This is great as an engineer in a global environment, as it’s becoming more and more common to be working with people from around the world. On the technical side, I’ve had the chance to work with dozens of different systems and technologies, which has really advanced my understanding of many aspects of the automotive industry.”

To apply for the highly-coveted internship, visit