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Infiniti SYNAPTIQ: Too Much Mountain Dew Code Red?

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Infiniti SYNAPTIQ Concept

What is this I don’t even

The folks at Infiniti might be spending a bit too much time watching sci-fi movies and not enough time coming up with practical designs for cars that they could feasibly build within, say, the next 15 years. At least, this is what could pretty easily determine by taking a gander at the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ Concept, which will be part of this year’s LA Design Challenge at the LA Auto Show.

Granted, the last thing that a theme like “Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” screams is production feasibility, but the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ concept straight up bypasses “yeah, maybe we could make this one day” and goes right into full-blown “we got the idea from Halo” territory.


*cue choir*

So what is SYNAPTIQ? It’s a “universal fuselage pod” that can be transferred into three different devices: a land vehicle that looks like something like an F1 chassis that got eaten by the Batmobile, a sort of dune buggy, and a jet.


A jet.

Yeah. A jet.

So fictitious is the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ that it even comes with its own lore:

In the year 2029, INFINITI sponsors its’ own team triathlon called the A.R.C. race.  The Air, Rally, Circuit race utilizes a universal fuselage pod that can integrate into three vehicle types.  The first stretch of the race is a Formula-1 grand prix course from LA to Las Vegas.  The second portion is a desert race which requires an off-road buggy to the Grand Canyon.  The final third leg of the race is a radical gymkhana style jet race through virtual pylons back to Los Angeles.  The A.R.C. triathlon race will also be the debut of INFINITI’s new futuristic HMI called “SYNAPTIQ”, a system that will make the driver and machine become one.  It will enhance the driver’s passion and performance for racing and as well influence the design of the vehicle that will provoke the imagination.

Woah. Okay, sure.

The biggest selling point, perhaps, is that the driver/pilot wears Symbiotic User Interface Technology, which makes for the clever little acronym S.U.I.T. If that’s the case, perhaps SYNAPTIQ stands for Sorry, You’re Never Actually Producing This, It’s Quixotic.


This S.U.I.T. utilizes a spinal lock attachment that allows for mind control of the vehicle and is able to pull up biometric information through a holographic representation. Basically, it’s Isaac Clarke’s suit from Dead Space, except Infiniti isn’t saying anything about dismembering Necromorphs in the SYNAPTIQ…yet.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

We’ll give it to Infiniti: this is really, really inventive and definitely cool. We’d advise, however, focusing on making something like the Q80 Inspiration happen first before considering making this thing a reality.

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