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Infiniti SYNAPTIQ Wins LA Auto Show Design Challenge People’s Choice

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LA Auto Show Design Challenge People's Choice

The SYNAPTIQ won the first-ever LA Auto Show Design Challenge People’s Choice

Infiniti’s SYNAPTIQ design study—which is one part F1 car, one part dune buggy, one part jet, and 100% nuts—took home the People’s Choice Award in the 11th Annual LA Auto Show Design Challenge.

This year’s theme for the Design Challenge was “Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact With Us in 2029?” As an answer to the posited question, Infiniti designers got together and dreamed up a vehicle that could run in the A.R.C. Race, its imagined 2029 triathlon consisting of air, rally, and circuit (hence A.R.C.) components.

The result: the SYNAPTIQ, aka this lovely little slice of crazy, which includes wearable tech that uses synthetic muscles to read the driver’s mind and determine what moves to make.



Infiniti, a luxury brand still in search of a halo car, has instead given us a car straight out of Halo.

“Our designers loved participating in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge, conceptualizing how Infiniti drivers could interact with their vehicle in the coming decades,” said John Sahs, interior design manager at Infiniti, and leader of the SYNAPTIQ team. “It’s extremely gratifying for the public to also dream a bit with us and identify with such ideas that may seem a bit futuristic, but may just not be that far away from reality.”

You say the SYNAPTIQ may not be that far away from reality? Tell you what: why doesn’t Infiniti focus on making the Q50 Eau Rouge or the Q80 Inspiration happen first, and then it can start exerting time and energy on universal fuselages.