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Infiniti Unveils Sharp Art Car

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Infiniti QX30 Art Car

The London Art Fair took the UK’s capital by storm in January, and Infiniti brought its own unique art, all dedicated to the Infiniti QX30. On the traditional side, a photography display was created with shots taken by social media mavens and photographers of the QX30 during a recent test drive. Each shot shows a unique angle of the highly anticipated model.


The second part of Infiniti’s display, however, is what made the art fair buzz. Artist Rachel Ducker took the Infiniti QX30 and covered it in about 48,000 copper tacks. To finish up the Art Car, a steel wire figure with flowing hair is leaning out of the window. Infiniti lovers should know that the artist did not puncture the shell of the vehicle, but actually attached the tacks with the sharp points outwards, making it seem as if the car is covered in carpet or hair. According to Infiniti, it took 10 seconds to adhere each tack to the car, which added up to 666 hours of work (the brand makes no comment on the ominous number).


Ducker chose the copper color of the tacks because it dramatically changes shade depending on the light and angle of the viewer. That changing color helps to accentuate the new Infiniti QX30’s many flowing lines. To help festival attendees understand the car even more, one side of the car is completely free of tacks so that the original framework of the art project can be appreciated even more.

We can’t wait for the Infiniti QX30 to hit American dealerships this year so that we can get a closer look at the car without going all the way to England.