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Infographic: How to Train Your Dog to Ride in the Car

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If you’ve never travelled with a dog in a car, you might assume it’s simply a case of loading up your pooch and taking off. But some dogs are easily frightened, and riding in a car is a new experience that they might not be used to. Luckily, there are ways you can get your dog used to the car, which will take the stress out of road trips for both you and Fido. To make your life a little easier,¬†The News Wheel¬†has created an infographic with suggestions on how to train your dog to ride in the car.

how to train your dog to ride in your car


Remember, the safety of you and your dog is extremely important, and having a well-trained dog riding in the car will decrease your chances of getting into an accident caused by distractions or a distressed dog.