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Intersect By Lexus Coming to New York City

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Intersect by Lexus

Intersect by Lexus
Photo: Wonderwallpress

Luxury automaker Lexus is devoted to advocating for a luxury lifestyle. Its cars reflect that passion with refined materials, advanced features, and good engineering. The brand is beginning to look beyond just the driving experience, though, with its Intersect By Lexus facilities. Currently located in Dubai and Tokyo, the spaces look to offer refined locations for after work drinks, as well as a place to relax and come together as a community while still displaying its automotive connection. The next storefront was recently announced as being in New York City, and now we know where it will be located.

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Lexus has revealed this month that the latest Intersect by Lexus location will be in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, on the island’s west side. Home to the High Line, hip clubs, and boutiques for major fashion houses, it’s a stylish area perfect for a brand looking to stay relevant. The exact location will be 412 W. 14th Street, and is forecasted to open in mid-2017.

New York residents are abuzz about the new Intersect By Lexus location because of who has been tapped to help create it. Danny Meyer and his Union Square Events has been signed on to manage the location, especially the parts concerned with food. According to Lexus, this is the first Intersect location to feature a restaurant, and it will be staffed by a rotating roster of wold-famous chefs with different cooking styles and flavors.

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Opening a facility in New York City is already risky, but the spot in the Meatpacking District will have even more to live up to. Lexus has to be prepared for its location to compete with the best of the best, besides just being a great homage to its luxury cars. We’ll wait to pass judgment until next year.

News Source: New York Business Journal