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Is Nissan Saying Farewell to the 370Z?

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2016-nissan-370Z-coupe-magma-red-brick-wall-side-view-largeThe Nissan 370Z is a pretty impressive car and it has the power to back up its sporty look. We were upset to learn today that there were reports swirling around in Japan and Tennessee that seem to point to the Nissan Z lineup dying sooner rather than later, leaving the Nissan GT-R to sit alone on Nissan’s sports car roster.

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Stephen Ottley of Drive reported late last week that Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer, Philippe Klein, “offered no commitment to continue making the Nissan Z series” when he spoke at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. He did acknowledge that the Z series has a lot of dedicated fans, but that the sports car segment as a whole is shrinking. While the 370Z is a good car, it takes a lot of money and research to compete in the sports car segment thanks to competition from luxury brands. Further comments from Klein suggested that any sports car energy Nissan spends will go towards the GT-R, which has proven itself both on and off the track. His last remark recorded by Drive was “We have no intention to quit excitement but we’re going to make it happen in different ways.”

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The current Nissan 370Z was unveiled first in 2009 and while it has received minor updates throughout the years, it really is time for a complete refresh of the model if it’s going to stay competitive in the market. Industry insiders speculate that if the Nissan Z line died, it could be resurrected on the INFINITI side of Nissan, where it could invest more in a sports vehicle with a luxury price tag. We will keep our eyes peeled and let you know if you should run to a dealership before the line ends.

News Source: Drive