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Is the Ford Taurus on the Outs?

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2016 Ford Taurus

The 2016 Ford Taurus, as seen in China, may ultimately be imported rather than built in the United States

The Taurus was once a lynchpin name in the Ford lineup, with more than 7,500,000 units built from its 1986 launch through the 2007 model year. Dwindling sales and a shift in interest toward SUVs led Ford to kill the Taurus in October 2006, but the hiatus was short-lived when the nameplate returned for the 2008 model year as a full-size sedan.

Now, with sales dwindling and interest shifting to SUVs yet again, it appears that the Taurus might be heading toward yet another, perhaps more permanent, demise. The large car industry seems to be evaporating in the United States (sales are down 18% through July), and a newly-revealed Taurus model will likely be exclusive to the Chinese market. With 2015 Ford Taurus sales down 28% in America, its time could be at an end once more.

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According to Automotive News, analysts are predicting that Ford could move to end Taurus production in the United States altogether, which would result in either importing small quantities from China or just ending Taurus sales in the country altogether.

Taurus’ primary role in Ford’s portfolio seems to be as an LEO vehicle; 20% of all Tauruses are converted into Police Interceptor sedans. Even then, the Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility has proven a substantially more popular option among police departments.

“Taurus continues to play an important role in our North America vehicle lineup,” Ford spokesman Said Deep told Automotive News. As for how long it remain in that role, we will have to wait and see.

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News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)