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‘It Got Better’ Documentary Series From Lexus Gets Third Season

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It Got Better - Ian McKellen

It seems like it was ages ago that social media and airwaves were flooded with messages telling young people that it gets better. The It Gets Better Project was launched about 6 years ago in response to the rising numbers of teens, many of them LGBT, committing or contemplating suicide due to to cyberbullying and harassment. Famous adults and several government leaders, including Woody from Toy Story, President Obama, Daniel Radcliffe, and Stephen Colbert, were inspired to make videos to tell younger people that life was worth living, and that after difficult school years, life gets significantly better as you grow and find your own community.

While the initial wave of videos has subsided, Lexus is committed to continuing to provide support to LGBT individuals though the It Got Better video series distributed by its L/Studio. The automaker is proud to announce that the third season of the series has now been uploaded to YouTube for easy access around the world. Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky’s Is Or Isn’t Entertainment produced the videos in partnership with the It Gets Better Project and features some of today’s leading LGBT celebrities.

This season’s LGBT celebrities are Adam Lambert of American Idol fame, Raven-Symoné, Candis Cayne, reality star EJ Johnson, Wanda Sykes, and acting legend Sir Ian McKellen.

Producer Dan Bucatinsky said “It Got Better grew out of our desire to create an original series with personal and inspirational messages by a diverse range of successful LGBT celebrities sharing their emotional experiences of overcoming obstacles. This season more than any other includes such a wide range of stories from racially diverse women and men, aged 20s to 70s, Trans and gay. We’re grateful to L/Studio, a platform that encourages that kind of diversity of storytelling.”

We encourage everyone to take a look at this unique series of videos. Even if you’re straight, the interviews can help you understand the struggles of the LGBT community and the obstacles they have overcome.