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James Bond Rents Chevy Malibu From Stephen Colbert

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James Bond Stephen Colbert

James Bond is known for driving the most expensive luxury vehicles imaginable. Unfortunately, his “License to Kill” clearly extends to those beautiful cars. As a car fan, it’s very difficult to think of how most of those luxury cars met an unfortunate end thanks to Mr. Bond or the villains after him (and how many millions upon millions of dollars they must have cost).

When current James Bond actor Daniel Craig appeared on last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert spoke for drivers the world over when he brought up the issue in his interview, showing a clip of some of the cars being destroyed and asking “Why on Earth would anyone give you another car?” Craig responded by saying simply that “He does drink a lot of martinis.” He later adds that Bond’s abysmal driving record is actually addressed in the new Bond film, Spectre.

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Take a look at the scene below:

Clearly, this scene is not a part of the new movie. It still confirms many of my suspicions about how car rental companies operate. For example, anything is forgiven if you return a car with a full tank of gas, and it will take forever to actually leave the rental desk with a car (even if you are the only customer). It’s nice to know that even James Bond can’t expedite that process.

James Bond Stephen Colbert 2

When he really needs to get the job done right now, Bond rents a Chevrolet Malibu, even if it does smell a bit like toddler vomit. I mean, as a versatile family car the Chevy Malibu is bound to get a little messy taking the kids from place to place. Maybe the offending toddler enjoyed just a bit too much gelato in Rome before riding back with its parents to return the car.

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Spectre storms into American movie theaters tomorrow, and you can bet that there are more cars than ever featured in the film. Good luck taking on that volcano, Agent 007, and do try to remember to fill up that Chevy Malibu’s gas tank before you return it.

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