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Japanese Toyota Production Resumes After Steel Factory Explosion

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Japanese Toyota Production Resumes After Steel Factory Explosion

Production has resumed at Toyota factories in Japan, following a suspension due to the explosion at Aichi Steel

Toyota announced early this month that it would be halting production for six business days and a Sunday, following a January explosion at Aichi Steel Production. Aichi serves as a key steel supplier for Toyota’s factories in Japan, and with the steel plant’s own production delayed, it was necessary for Toyota to pause production to prevent running out of the steel necessary to produce its vehicles.

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According to Reuters, production has officially resumed as of today at its factories in Japan. Suspension of production had begun on February 8th.

In December of 2015, Toyota was reportedly producing 13,600 vehicles a day at the factories affected by the pause in production. With six business days lost, Toyota is projected to be down 81,600 vehicles this month. More than half the vehicles produced in those Japanese factories are actually exported to other markets, including the United States. The factories in Japan are responsible for the manufacturing of our 2016 Toyota Prius, which is likely to be a hot seller in its new generation.

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American dealerships are likely to be affected.

News Source: Reuters