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Japanese Toyota Sienta Commercial Features Clever Canine

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Japanese Toyota Sienta commercial

This smart pup knows just what his owner needs

Minivans are not the most exciting vehicles in the world—not by a long shot. But behind their soccer mom facades, some minivans are actually—dare we say it—cool. That’s definitely true of the Japan-only Toyota Sienta compact minivan, which comes in a variety of bright colors and has unique styling guaranteed to make it stand out from its competitors. And now, the Sienta also has a heartwarming commercial featuring a super smart dog.

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This Toyota commercial is in Japanese, but it’s fairly easy to get the gist of things. The dog—a beagle—belongs to a man whose family grows up and leaves him, leaving him all on his lonesome. The man reminisces about the fun things he and his family used to do together in his Sienta, but now all he wants to do is sit around feeling sorry for himself. Luckily, his dog knows just what he needs—a fishing trip. The dog spends the majority of the commercial hinting in various ways about a fishing trip, and eventually the man understands and the two head out in the Sienta in search of what has been missing from their lives—fun.

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Toyota Sienta compact minivan

The Toyota Sienta compact minivan

Even if you don’t speak Japanese (as we do not), this heartwarming commercial is still worth a watch. The Sienta will probably never hit our shores, but we can still learn an important lesson from this pup—live life to the full, and drive something fun.


Via: Auto Evolution