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Jay Leno Drives Almost Invincible 1942 Dodge Power Wagon

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Jay Leno's Garage Dodge Power Wagon

Jay Leno took the powerful 1942 Dodge Power Wagon out for a spin

When you think of a heavy-duty pickup truck, it’s likely you don’t think about Dodge—but this wasn’t always the case. During World War II, the military used the Dodge Power Wagon to help out in combat, but the powerful vehicle’s legendary hard work didn’t stop there. It was even used for big jobs like mining and moving lumber.

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Nowadays, though, the Dodge Power Wagon mostly makes a name for itself by appearing on Jay Leno’s Garage. In the most recent episode of the retired late-night talk show host’s car show, a restomodded 6×6—‘cause who needs 4×4?—1942 Dodge Power Wagon showed off its prowess.

VIDEO: Watch Jay Leno Pump Up the 1942 Dodge Power Wagon

Winslow Bent, the genius behind Legacy Classic Trucks, which is a Wyoming-based restoration company that likes to restore classic vehicles with a twist, created the 1942 Power Wagon. Bent likes to tinker with Power Wagons the most, since these vehicles are capable of doing any job that a customer might need.

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The Power Wagon is pretty much invincible compared to modern day trucks. As Leno points out, the truck can’t really rust out, because the metal’s too thick. Leno’s demonstration Power Wagon is tricked out with a Cummins turbodiesel engine, weighs about 8,000 lbs, and could potentially survive the end of the world. If there was ever a cockroach of the automotive world, it just might be the Dodge Power Wagon, though this classic truck is significantly more attractive. And for a price tag of about $200,000, we would hope so.

News Source: Road & Track

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    Really? “When you think of a heavy-duty pickup truck, it’s likely you don’t think of Dodge.” Oh boy here we go again. I mean, who wrote this article anyway, someone who lives in a cave, or maybe it’s some chick who lives in an apartment in New York City? Because, uh, when millions of mud eating men around the country think about a heavy duty truck I’m sure a large number of those men actually do think of Dodge. You know…Dodge…Ram Tough…Cummins turbo diesel…4×4… 1 ton, and everything else that goes along with the basically ubiquitous 21st century, and extremely heavy duty, Dodge trucks? Yeah, just another over educated, over paid, and completely and totally under achieving weirdo who, as evidenced by this article on Google News thing morning, has no idea what they’re even talking about. In fact, this kind of over produced fluff is everywhere today too and the outright crap that now passes as real information has become common place – nothing but a flat out joke.