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Jay Leno Goes Two-Wheeling in a Hemi Under Glass Barracuda, Ends Up No-Wheeling [VIDEO]

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Jay Leno and Bob Riggle go for a barrel roll in Hemi Under Glass Plymouth Barracuda

The Hurst Hemi Under Glass series of drag racing cars made a name for themselves in the late sixties and early seventies with their unique ability to stand up on their hind wheels. The original vehicle’s name (and two-wheeling abilities) came from the fact that it featured a gigantic, 2,500-horsepower Hemi engine placed in the back of a Plymouth Barracuda, fully visible through the car’s large back window.

Apparently, comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno has dreamed of riding in one of these bad boys ever since he was a kid. For the new season of his CNBC series Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay met with one of his childhood “heroes,” driver Bob Riggle, to finally cross “popping a wheelie in a Hemi Under Glass car” off of his bucket list.

Well, they say that you should never meet your heroes… although usually that saying is used to mean that heroes will fail to live up to your expectations, not that they will nearly get you killed in a barrel roll.

Take a look:

After making a cheesy erectile dysfunction joke about Bob Riggle (the only 80-year-old who can “regularly get it up… y’know, on two wheels”), Leno sits shotgun as the octogenarian racecar driver treats him to an experience that’s long been on his bucket list. Then, he brings Leno close to actually kicking the proverbial bucket, as he loses control and the car begins its wild barrel roll.

Luckily, neither Leno or Riggle lost their life (or any of their arms, which were definitely at risk, considering the lack of netting on the vehicle’s open windows). In fact, both emerged from the vehicle completely unscathed (though the same can’t be said of the Barracuda itself).

What did Jay think of the overall experience?

“It doesn’t get more exciting than that!” Jay raves.