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Jeep Beach Orchestrates World’s Largest Jeep Parade

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Jeep Beach Orchestrates World’s Largest Jeep Parade

Jeep Beach Orchestrates World’s Largest Jeep Parade
Photo: FCA

Hot off the wheels of Ram Trucks’ world record for longest parade of pickup trucks, Jeep Beach, a Jeep lover/charity organization, orchestrated the world’s largest Jeep parade at Daytona Speedway. In past years, Jeep Beach’s Jeep parades have been on—you guessed it—the beach, but this year, the parade outgrew the beach, so the drivers had to move to Daytona.

This year marked the 12th annual Jeep Beach event and saw 1,846 Jeeps participating in the event. The previous record for the largest Jeep parade was 1,106, which was set back in 2011 at the Bantam Jeep Festival.

“If they break the record this summer, we’ll definitely look at breaking it again,” said Cathal Duffy, one of the volunteers at Jeep Beach. Duffy added, “It’s a friendly competition.”

According to Duffy, the Jeeps were overwhelmingly Wranglers, but nearly every type of Jeep ever made was represented.

The Jeep Beach event was held between April 22nd and 26th, and it included more than 2,400 Jeep vehicles, with anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 attendees. The organization is all about bringing together Jeep lovers to create lifelong bonds, but, more importantly, the event is aimed at raising money for local charities. In 2014, the event pulled in over $150,000; a figure has not yet been calculated for this year.

Miss the parade? Well strap in to your office chair, take one last sip of coffee, and imagine you’re behind the wheel as you pace around Daytona using this first-person POV video from the parade: