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Jeep Considers Pros and Cons of Satellite Jeep Operations

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2016 Jeep Wrangler Front End

Jeep sales could benefit from introducing satellite Jeep centers

Fiat Chrysler is considering letting Jeep go solo. The Italian-American carmaker recently mentioned it is weighing the pros and cons of allowing dealers to open Jeep satellite centers, which could boost sales and free space in FCA showrooms.

This new idea stems from FCA US’s current effort to increase truck sales with Ram satellite centers in markets with a high demand for pickup trucks. Right now, the carmaker has 37 truck centers in the United States with 28 more under development. With this effort, truck sales have notably increased—something the brand wants to do for Jeep.

According to Al Gardner, FCA’s head of network development, there have been discussions about Jeep satellite centers, and the idea is currently under consideration. But there are no plans to add Jeep franchises.

“I’m not looking at establishing stand-alone Jeep stores outside our current structure, and I’m not looking at establishing more Jeep stores as stand-alones at all. We’re not going to add more Jeep points,” said Gardner.

Gardner then went on to discuss that he does see Jeep as a stand-alone brand, though, which is understandable seeing as Jeep is one of the hottest-selling brands in the industry. It would even help Jeep lovers get brand-approved aftermarket accessories, which is a huge market in the industry since the Jeep Wrangler is Fiat Chrysler’s most customized vehicle.

With this change, Jeep could see a serious boom in sales.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)