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Jeep Named “Most Patriotic Brand” in Consumer Poll

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Most Patriotic BrandWith the Fourth of July having just passed us by with rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air, New York-based branding research firm Brand Keys has released the results of a poll intended to discover which brand is considered the most patriotic.

The results of the poll, in which 4,500 consumers were called upon to choose from 197 brands in 35 different categories, did not see victory going to global-yet-recognizably-American brands like Coca-Cola or McDonalds or Gap or anything to do with professional wrestling (inexplicably and unfortunately, WWE didn’t even sniff the top 25, brother!).

Jeep, which has been serving those who serve America for seventy years, won with a 98% score (out of a possible 100%).  The poll, which was not intended to measure brand recognition, acknowledgment of success, or use of patriotism in advertising, determines if patriotism is a substantial contributor to “…the brand’s equity, whether it’s truly acknowledged on a deeply emotional and engaging basis.”

Jeep, founded in 1941 and subsequently enlisted as a vital contributor to the Allied efforts in World War II with its Bantam BRC, has long been considered been a staple of the American heritage of determination and victory in the face of adversity.  As pointed out by USA Today, Jeep is widely thought of as the “brand known for winning World War II.”