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Jeep XJ Goes on Off-Roading Adventure in Apartment Building

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Jeep in Apartment

One Austin resident unexpectedly went off-roading when he backed his Jeep XJ into his apartment building
Photo: Austin Fire Department

Jeeps are known for being tried and true off-roaders. Built tougher than the majority of everyday vehicles, there is really no place a Jeep can’t go—but there are plenty of places you don’t want your Jeep to go.

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One Jeep owner in Austin figured out just the place he wanted to avoid in his Jeep XJ earlier this week. While unloading a TV near his apartment, the owner accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

Lesson learned: The brake pedal is the BIG FAT ONE that is SUPER HARD to miss. You know, just for future reference.

Jeep in Aparment Building

Yeah, dude in picture, we’re trying to figure out how it happened, too
Photo: Austin Fire Department

The Jeep XJ is the king of all off-roading Jeeps. Really. It’s built to smash boulders and get down and dirty in some mud, so it’s really no surprise that it handled the domestic excursion well. There was some minor damage to its exterior—and probably a bit to the undercarriage—but overall, the XJ rolled away embarrassed, but unscathed, just like his owner.

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Poor Scooby. Hopefully, he got a Scooby Snack for his stress!
Photo: Austin Fire Department

The stairs on the other hand took the brunt of the damage. In fact, there was so much damage that the Austin Fire Department had to help Scooby, a helpless little doggie, down from his third floor apartment. Poor guy.

Maybe the apartment complex should put up some “No Parking” signs in its stairwell?

News Source: Austin Fire Department