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Jeremy Clarkson Amazon Salary Tops $15 Million Per Year

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Top Gear Amazon

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond will see a major salary increase for their new Amazon show

It looks like Jeremy Clarkson’s departure from Top Gear—and the subsequent departure of James May, Richard Hammond, and producer Andy Wilman—was for the better. The trio’s salaries were just announced for their new show on Amazon; these salaries have grown tenfold.

Clarkson is now Britain’s highest-paid TV host after signing a £10 million per year deal with Amazon—the equivalent of over $15 million. This is a huge increase in income compared to Clarkson’s previous salary at the BBC of a paltry £1 million.

Hammond, May, and Wilman will also see a large increase in salary with each of them earning £7.2 million—the equivalent of $11.1 million) per year. These significant increases make sense, since Amazon Prime has given the show a budget of £160 million for 36 episodes. This means that each episode will have a massive budget of £4.5 million ($7 million), allowing the trio to do just about anything they could possibly want, including choosing ridiculous locations, even better cars, and more exciting creative content.

To give you an idea of the difference between the trio’s Top Gear budget and their Amazon Prime budget, BBC gave Top Gear only £500,000 ($770,000) per show, allotting £1 million for the occasional episode.

News Source: Carscoops