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Jeremy Clarkson Hints at Top Gear Return During Auction of Promises

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 <i>Photo by: <a href="">Tony Harrison</a></i>

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was recently fired by the BBC for punching a producer, but just because he’s not on television anymore doesn’t mean he’s stopped peddling a bunch of crap.

Chipping Norton, the wealthy South Eastern English town that Clarkson calls home, raises money for its community swimming pool by holding an annual “Auction of Promises.” Clarkson attends each year to assume the duty of auctioneer, and in the video below, he says his favorite item to start the bidding on is, for obvious reasons, the “tons of dung” that’s donated every year:

In addition to the entertaining shit show he provided, Jeremy Clarkson also dropped a few other “bombshells” in the video, saying, “I have lots of time now, but trust me, by this summer I won’t.”

Either Clarkson is telling us he only has a few months left to live, or he’s hinting that he’s got a new job lined up. Or maybe the same job, just at a new place. Or maybe the same job at the same place.

“Remember in the olden days there used to be a television program called Top Gear?” Clarkson joked to the audience. “Which was on the BBC. Oh, we could be back, just somewhere else. Or maybe even not somewhere else, who knows? Anyways…”

So most likely, Clarkson has gotten offers from other networks (or Netflix) to do a new car show. And perhaps the BBC, reacting to the public outcry of support for Clarkson, has made a counter-offer to try and get him to come back.

Either way, Clarkson will probably end up even richer than he already is after this whole kerfuffle gets sorted. So we guess the lesson here is that assaulting your boss is the best way to improve your finances.

Apparently The Onion was right about that all along.

Via: Jalopnik