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Jerk Elephant Sits on Car in Thailand

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Elephant Sits on Car

What a testament to the beauty of nature and a spectacular jerk

Got a joke for ya. Where does a 10,000 pound elephant sit? Give up? It sits wherever the hell it wants, but also on your car. At least that’s where an elephant might sit if, say, you were driving around the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand this past weekend (as you’re all wont to do, we’re sure).

The video picks up with the elephant flashing a Mercedes-Benz driver its derrière and ultimately crashing down on the hood in a manner not terribly dissimilar to the way your obnoxious roommate slams his weight into your sofa. Maybe this particular elephant is a very demonstrative Buick loyalist.

elephant sits on car

Tri-Shield 4 Life, brother

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The elephant moved on to another silver sedan, giving it a good amount of butt-rubbing-loving before mounting it and standing tall like the majestic, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and simultaneously terrifying creature that it is.

elephant sits on car

Damn nature you scary

After Stompy felt that it had thoroughly given the silver sedan whatfor, it lumbered away (directly into oncoming-and-quickly-scrambling-to-turn-around traffic). No word as to whether or not some smartass in the bunch started playing “The Lonely Man Theme” to really set the stage for the elephant’s retreat.

elephant sits on car

*is still a better Hulk than Eric Bana*

Park officials say that this particular elephant and another that savaged a grocery store (though it may have been the same elephant in both instances) could be suffering from the stress brought about by mating season. We’re theorizing that it may have just been really mad that nobody was contributing to its Patreon.

elephant painting

Kyle sb/WikiMedia

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