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Jet Trike

We need a “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan-style USA! USA! chant, stat!

Branded 100 percent MURICA(!) with its USAF (United States Air Force) roundel and stars and stripes thrown all over it, this ‘Jet Trike’ is incredibly awesome.

As it drives down a Florida highway, cars honk and kids wave and take pictures. If only this Jet Trike’s engines would come to life, its jet engines blasting it into the sky, carrying Jet Man and Kid Aero on an adventure.  (We’re just assuming this guy is a superhero.)

While the video doesn’t say who the driver of the Jet Trike is, our research department is pretty sure this is the EXP Airocycle known as Freedom 1. Mike Gallops is the owner, designer, builder and driver of the Airocycle (so if not a superhero, at the very least he’s some kind of genius).

Mike Gallops has been making custom cars for years, turning Lincoln Town Cars into trucks and building specialized limousines. He got the idea for the Airocycle in August of 2001. Using the Convair F-106 Delta Dart, a USAF interceptor aircraft, as a model and a motorcycle chassis, Mike took 6 months to design the vehicle and a year to build it in his barn.

Jet Trike


Despite the ‘Jet Fuel’ label on the tanks, the Airocycle unfortunately doesn’t include a jet engine. Mike determined his vehicle was legal to drive on the streets as long as it didn’t generate any thrust. The St. Petersburg Times did an article all about Mike in 2005.

The Airocycle is a little famous in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, FL area. It even has a Facebook photo gallery loaded with some marvelous detail photos. The colors in the photos look much more vibrant than the video, so be sure to take a look.

Whether you want to call it an Airocycle or a Jet Trike, it isn’t toy.  If you want to buy a Jet Trike for your kid, this Jet Trike is probably a safer bet (though considerably less MURICAN).

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