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Jets Player Sheldon Richardson Arrested After Street Race With 12-Year-Old in Car

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Suspended Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is facing traffic tickets and one charge of resisting arrest for an incident outside of St. Louis, Missouri, where he was seen driving at speeds up to 143 mph with a 12-year-old in the car before running from police and attempting to hide in a driveway.

Sheldon Richardson

Sheldon Richardson

According to the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Richardson was participating in “what appeared to be a road race.” The police’s report stated that Richardson and one other vehicle were travelling at high speed, and when officers attempted to stop the vehicles, Richardson ran.

Officers gave chase, following Richardson’s 2014 Bentley Flying Spur as he attempted to evade arrest, ran a red light, and then turned off all the car’s lights and pulled into nearby driveway.


Blues Brothers car

Otherwise known as the “Blues Brothers” method
Image: Stig Nygaard

Police, however, found the car and pulled in behind it, ordering Richardson and his passengers out of the vehicle at gunpoint, since one officer saw Richardson reach for something in front of his seat.

Richardson, two adult passengers, and a 12-year-old exited the car. Inside the car, police found a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun under the driver’s-side floor mat, as well as the heavy scent of marijuana.

In the end, the only charge levied was resisting arrest against Richardson. None of the passengers received charges.

It is unclear at this point what action the Jets will take in response to this news.


This incident came only weeks after Richardson was suspended for four games without pay for drug charges, after which he told his ream and media that it would not happen again.

“I apologized to my teammates and my organization and I told them they don’t have to worry about my name being in the news again,” said Richardson.

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