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Star Wars Star Jake Lloyd Takes Charleston Police on Wild Car Chase

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Where's a pod racer when you need one?

A young Jake Lloyd in the 1996 Christmas classic Jingle All the Way

A young Jake Lloyd stars in the 1996 Christmas classic Jingle All the Way

South Carolina police have arrested former child star Jake Lloyd, who is best known for portraying a young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but who should be best known for portraying 9-year-old  Turbo-Man enthusiast Jamie Langston in the Blockbuster Entertainment Award-winning film Jingle All the Way.

ABC7 Los Angeles is reporting that on Wednesday afternoon, the 26-year-old Lloyd led police on a high speed chase that began in Charleston County, South Carolina, and then stretched over into the neighboring Colleton County.

Jake Lloyd's mug shot

Jake Lloyd’s mug shot

Lloyd was pursued by police for over 25 miles, at times at speeds in excess of 100 mph, before he drove off of Interstate 95, through a fence, onto a parallel dead-end frontage road, and into some trees, which finally brought him to a halt.

Although he gave police the clever nom de plume “Jake Broadbent,” they were able to confirm through a former talent agent that the suspect was, indeed, that kid from Jingle All the Way.

Jake was charged with failure to stop for officers and reckless driving, and as of Sunday, has not posted bond and remains in jail.

Jake Llyod Arrest

Photo from the scene of the chase. (Courtesy of: Imperial Guard)

No word on why, exactly, Lloyd was in such a hurry; which only leaves us to assume that he was frantically trying to locate a highly sought-after action figure. Since he was apprehended in South Carolina–over 1,000 miles away from the Mall of America–it appears that he failed in his task.

Presumably, he will be settling for a Booster doll.