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Jodie Kidd Turns Down Top Gear Hosting Gig

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Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd has turned down the position of Top Gear’s newest host
Photo: S. Pakhrin

From the moment Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond left Top Gear, the producers of the car show have been scrambling to find qualified replacements. While British presenter and car enthusiast Chris Evans has been confirmed as a host, the show still has two hosting positions to fill. Rumors as to who the next hosts will be have been flying, ranging from Formula One racer Jenson Button to Guy Martin. Now, though, we know who it won’t be—one of the top contenders, Jodie Kidd.

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Kidd is a TV presenter, race car driver, and model who is considered one of the savvier car lovers in the industry and a huge role model for women in the car world. Known for her hosting gig at BBC Channel 5’s The Classic Car Show, Jodie Kid is one of the best options out there for the new Top Gear position. But, during an interview with the Telegraph, Kidd has blatantly stated that she has turned down the job offer.

“I made the decision very recently,” said Jodie Kid to the Telegraph. “Everyone every day has been asking me, am I doing it? Am I doing it? I am not, okay. But I feel greatly honored that people think I could possibly be good enough to fill those shoes, especially as a woman.”

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The reasoning behind Kidd’s decision? Top Gear’s all-consuming filming schedule. Jeremy Clarkson has gone on record explaining how massive of a production Top Gear is, taking over the life of everyone involved. And, understandably enough, Jodie Kidd does not want that to happen to her.

So, now we have one less contender in the pool for Top Gear’s new host. As the former trio of hosts gear up for their own new show on Amazon, who do you think will take their place?

News Source: Telegraph