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JUKE Color Studio Lets Your Freak Flag Fly

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JUKE Color Studio | 2015 Nissan JUKE

JUKE Color Studio: get your freak on

In the most positive senses, the Nissan JUKE is an absolutely crazy vehicle. Chances are pretty good that you’re never going to drive down the road and see a JUKE pass by and say “I couldn’t quite tell if that was [automaker’s beige crossover #1] or [auotmaker’s beige crossover #2].”

Nissan, bless its crazy-loving soul, understands that it’s unique style and unmistakable presence is one of the JUKE’s best assets, and that the best way to capitalize upon that is to allow customers the opportunity to customize the weird. As such, Nissan has introduced JUKE Color Studio.

JUKE Color Studio is a thing of beauty, resulting in some truly striking color and accessory combinations that absolutely ensure that nobody is going to mistake your JUKE for anything else on the road (or possible even anything else on this earth).

The Nissan JUKE Color Studio features 12 Nissan accessories in eight different colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Electric Blue, Black Purple, White, Matte Black, and Carbon-fiber Look. The accessories include: front/rear bumper accents, headlight trim rings, side mirror caps, door handle covers, side door sills, rear roof spoiler, hatch handle finishers, lower hatch accent, interior inserts for tweeters and vents, floor mats, 17” aluminum-alloy wheels, and center caps.

Each and every aspect of the JUKE Color Studio can be installed by your dealership of choice prior to purchase or added on afterwards. Despite the fact that the accessories are designed for the new JUKE, everything but the headlight rings, mirror caps, and bumper accents can be fitted to a previous-gen JUKE.

“The Nissan JUKE is all about fun – fun to own, fun to drive and now fun to make it your own – whether to support your favorite collegiate or professional sports teams, match the look of your surfboard or motorcycle, or just to stand out from the crowd,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., Nissan North America, Inc. “It’s the perfect program to launch with the 2015 JUKE, which has a new look and more standard content for the new model year.”

The JUKE Color Studio is perfect if you’re living in Detroit…

JUKE Color Studio

Go Blue!

…but happen to have a degree from The Ohio State University.

JUKE Color Studio

Go Bucks!