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Kat Graham Teams Up with Chevy to Give Her Nanny a Spa Day [VIDEO]

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Kat Graham treats nanny to a spa day for Chevrolet DayItForward campaign

To celebrate Leap Day, Chevrolet decided to promote a campaign of kindness called #DayItForward, in which the bowtie brand encouraged people to use the extra 24 hours to do something kind. The promotion inspired both normal folks and a few famous faces to act altruistically.

Some celebrities chose to do nice things for animals—for example, Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen went to an animal shelter, while Pretty Little Liars co-stars Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson teamed up with Los Angeles’ Wildlife Learning Center and the non-profit Wags and Walks, respectively.

Meanwhile, other celebrities chose to do something for the people who have helped them behind-the-scenes, but gotten none of the recognition. Mario Lopez and Sofia Vergara did special stuff for their personal assistants, while Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham decided to surprise the nanny who helped raise her.

To show her appreciation for her nanny Martha, the Swiss-born actress and singer treated her to a fancy spa in Beverly Hills. Take a look:

Graham’s nanny has plenty of pictures of Kat as a kid, including one of her taking a bath—which technically means that this video features KAT GRAHAM NUDE PICS, which I am going to explicitly refer to as KAT GRAHAM NUDE PICS in the hopes that it increases the chances of this article ranking well in the Google searches of teenaged boys.

“I’m excited to give back to her, she deserves it,” Graham says in the heartwarming video, in which she tears up while talking to the nanny who meant so much to her. It’s so heartwarming in fact, that it gives me a crazy idea: what if we all tried being nice to each other more than just once every four years? I haven’t come up with a cool hashtag for it yet, but I think this campaign could really go places.