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Kate Upton Hops Inside a BMW i8 During the FIA Formula E Championship in Montreal [VIDEO]

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Celebrities like Upton are adding some energy to Formula E

Formula E is a relatively new segment in the Motorsports world with a naturally rising popularity. Of course, it never hurts to tap into less organic sources of marketing for promotion, and Formula E is using one of the oldest tricks in the book: celebrity guest appearances.

The electric-based racing circuit has hosted a number of different celebrities at various events since its debut in 2014. The latest household name to make an appearance at a Formula E event is none other than model and actress Kate Upton.

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Upton recently made an appearance at the FIA Formula E Championship in Montreal late last month. During the event, the supermodel of Sports Illustrated fame took part in all of the usual celebrity traditions, like photo and press opportunities.

However, Upton took things one step further by stepping inside a BMW i8 safety car with Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. With Agag behind the wheel, the duo proceeded to race along the same track that the Formula E racers use.

Upton and Agag getting ready to hit the track

Most passengers that are not used to the extreme speeds of Motorsport vehicles would probably find the whole experience to be more frightening than thrilling. In contrast, Upton was loving every minute of the high-speed experience, challenging Agag to “scare” her. At the end of the lap, she even asked Agag if they could go again.

You can watch a video of Upton’s electric-vehicle joy ride below:

Upton isn’t the only celebrity to team up with Formula E. Chris Hemsworth, who appropriately enough plays the Norse god of thunder Thor in Marvel’s Avengers, actually raced on a Formula E track himself. Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio joined as a member of the official Formula E Committee, adding plenty of star power to this up-and-coming realm of racing.

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