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Katie Cassidy Partners with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign to Prevent Distracted Driving

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Known for her CW Network roles in Gossip Girl  and Arrow, Katie Cassidy has recently partnered with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign as an effort to reduce distracted driving, specifically texting and driving.

As a regular actress for the CW, a significant amount of Katie’s fanbase is teens and young adults. These campaign adverts are expected to target younger audiences, urging them to take the campaign’s pledge and refrain from using their cell phone behind the wheel. The ad itself focuses on the idea that while distracted driving is definitely unsafe, it’s also uncool.

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Katie’s campaign spot has been advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The ad features Katie, reaching to check for her phone when it dings. However, she’s interrupted by another version of herself, her subconscious, reminding her how unsafe texting and driving can be. She acknowledges her mistake and promises herself never to use her cell phone behind the wheel again.

Distracted driving is on the verge of an epidemic, and it’s not seeming to get any better. In fact, studies have shown that in-vehicle access to your cell phone has increased distracted driving rather than helping the problem, as advertised.

Katie is not the first CW star to take the pledge. In years past, Katie’s former Supernatural co-stars have taken the pledge. Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles cited their children as important reasons why they were against distracted driving and texting and driving.

You can take the pledge to never text and drive at

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Watch Katie Cassidy’s full campaign ad spot here:

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