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Kentucky Man Drives to Police Station and Asks Officers to Arrest Him

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Why call a cab when you can call the cops?  Photo: jag9889

Why call a cab when you can call the cops?
Photo: jag9889

Sometimes when you’ve had a little too much to drink at the bar, you call up a friend to pick you up. Or you pay for a cab to drive you home. Or you drive yourself on down to the local police station and demand that the boys in blue arrest you.

Christopher L. Stewart of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, chose option number three.

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According to the Associated Press and the Kentucky New Era, police report the 26-year-old Hopkinsville resident went out and had a pint of the good stuff Tuesday night. Only poor Mr. Stewart forgot to bring a designated driver along with him. What’s a poor, intoxicated soul to do?

Why, drive down to the local Hopkinsville Police Station, of course!

After leaving the bar, Stewart drove down to the station and entered through the “Do not enter” side of the parking lot. Truly the act of an evil mastermind! Stewart had to slam on the brakes after nearly hitting a nearby police cruiser. He then approached several police officers and told them he was ready to go to jail for DUI.

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However, Christopher Stewart’s exciting evening did not stop after requesting his own arrest. According to police, Stewart attempted to drink a bottle of fuel injector cleaning fluid. Officers had to stop him from doing so. Maybe he was still thirsty?

Drink fuel injector fluid. It'll quench ya! Photo: Amazon

Drink fuel injector fluid. It’ll quench ya!
Photo: Amazon

Hopkinsville Police granted Stewart his wish and arrested the man, charging him with driving under the influence. If only all criminals could be this complacent.

News Source: Kentucky New Era (Subscription required)